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How To Overcome Negative Bias

In this episode, I look at negative bias – what is it? why do we get this? How can we overcome it?
Do you ever find yourself pondering over a negative event, maybe a comment, a slight criticism, and you cannot stop thinking about it?
If you are intereste…

1 Year Podcast Special – Key Learnings and Advice To Keep You Focused On Your Goals

I just received a notification on my phone that the podcast is 1 years old!
Still can’t believe this, but I am so happy and thanks for everyone who has tuned in.
In this episode I talk about my key learnings since starting my businesses and things which …

The Dictation Of Mindsets: How Can We Push Our Inner Desires Forwards?

We have two mindsets, what we have to accomplish (like work tasks and mundane stuff that we can’t care less for) and Intrinsic, the things that we are so passionate about – the things that we are so motivated and desperate to achieve as we know this is w…

Mental Health Awareness Week *Special* – How Nature Benefits Our Mental Health

In this weeks episode I explain my story and how nature helped me with my mental health challenges, and why it is so important to embrace what we have around us. 
Years ago I was stuck with a fixed mindset and on the cusp of losing my job.
Just where I t…

The Mindset Of An Athlete | Tim Abeyie

In this episode I speak with Tim Abeyie who is a former Team GB and Ghana indoor sprinter. He is a medal winning athlete who competed at the Commonwealth games, World Championships indoors and out, the African championships and the European Championships…

How To Stop Procrastinating: Easy To Apply Techniques

In this episode I explore procrastination. Everyone procrastinates, even the most inspirational people – Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dalai Lama…to name a few.
But what is procrastination, why does this happen, and how can this be helped?
Maybe you fin…

Should I Give Up On My Dreams?

Many of us when pursuing our dreams are incredibly excited and we aim for success. We have an amazing idea and cannot wait to share with the world…
…Only for the negativity and doubts to settle in if we do not see results. This can deter us on our …

Use This Method To Find Your Purpose

Many of us are desperately trying to find out purpose in life. We read countless self help books and watch hours of YouTube for an understanding.
We try so hard to find our meaning. But, what if there is a simpler way for us to understand what our purpos…

I Am…A Professional Coach!

If you asked me at the start of 2020 how my next year would pan out, I would never have guessed that starting a podcast and becoming a professional coach & NLP Practitioner would be my calling. It’s not due to limiting beliefs or fear that I couldn’t. It was that I simply never thought […]

How Acceptance Can Change Our World | Alex Da Silva

In this episode we speak with Alex Da Silva who is a TEDx speaker, coach, and co-founder of the Happy As Larry Group.
This is a very raw interview where Alex opens up about his mental health struggles, his lowest point and how he turned his life around t…